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Illumitex changes the shape of LED lighting

Emma Ritch

Austin, Texas-based Illumitex unveiled its first line of packaged LEDs today, with a unique design developed to best maximize the lumens produced for general lighting applications.

Some lighting startups have designed LEDs to fit in traditional bulb-and-socket lighting fixtures in order to speed market adoption and prevent the need for building retrofits.

However, the lighting properties of incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs differ greatly from LEDS, which are based on semiconductor chips. Lumens can be lost, and fixture manufacturers frequently must add a secondary optical lens and reflector to control the light output from the package.

Illumitex instead chose to design a new package for the LED chips that takes advantage of its unique attributes. The Aduro line is designed to increase photon extraction and direct light out of the LED in a uniform and controlled beam angle, thereby increasing the lumens ultimately delivered.

The company says its approach saves cost and increases efficiency compared to LED packages with a secondary optical lens and reflector, and it makes use of all the lumens produced.

See the Aduro light here »

“We have reinvented the basic die and package structure to create the industry’s most optically advanced LED,” said Matt Thomas, …


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