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Seven ways the US military is embracing cleantech

Whitney Michael

Great piece today from Earth2Tech on seven ways the US military is “investing and proselytizing the value of clean power, biofuels and energy efficiency products and services for job creation, energy security and (insert your favorite cliché here).”

It makes sense.  According to this post, the Defense Department accounts for 80% of the energy used by the federal government.  As huge employers, users of fuel and energy, and stakeholders in cutting-edge technologies, the armed forces have a lot to gain (and save) by conserving energy and reducing fuel consumption.

We’ve just confirmed Tom Hicks, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Navy, Energy, to headline a panel on the Government’s Role in Cleantech at the Global Cleantech 100 Summit in October.

He’ll speak to the Navy’s biofuel, energy storage and renewable energy initiatives.  Tom will be joined on the panel by Keith Curtis, Senior Energy Advisor from the US Department of Commerce.

We’re going to announce the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 list at this event and bring together cleantech’s thought leaders to discuss the companies and market forces that will drive the global clean economy forward.  Seats are still available and early registration discounts are in place through September 16.  …


In a Sea of Rankings the Global Cleantech 100 Floats to the Top


If there is one thing the cleantech space has enough of, it is rankings, lists and awards. I am personally aware of more than 100 and got the feeling this may have all gone too far when I came across Energy Priorities’  ‘Top 10 “Cleantech Top 10″ Lists for 2011’.

However it is clear that this plethora of rankings and lists exist for a reason; people crave a light of clarity to be shone through the fog that permeates our fast moving sector. Even a full time analyst has to make a concerted effort to keep abreast of the sector’s developments, with a constantly shifting legislative framework and torrential investment activity: we saw 165 venture and 217 M&A deals last quarter alone (see Cleantech Group’s Quarterly Investment Monitor).

There is one question that is central to all stakeholders in our industry: who are the most promising cleantech companies out there? Start-ups need to know the benchmark of success, and all aspire to be recognised in such a category. Investors need to know who to invest in; corporates need to know where to source the next wave of disruptive innovation.


Many approaches have been taken to provide …

DOE Awarding $76M to Energy Efficiency Projects

Whitney Michael

Today the US Department of Energy announced it is awarding over $76 million to fund energy efficient building technology and training programs.  This is amazing validation of the Cleantech Focus Chicago one-day conference for the businesses, investors and entrepreneurs exploring the opportunities for energy efficiency technologies in the built environment.

We are putting the final touches on the agenda, which includes presentations from DOE award recipients Andrew DeGuire, VP, Strategy & Acquisitions at Johnson Controls and John Van Dine, CEO of SAGE Electrochromics.  The program also features keynotes from Gregory Kats of Good Energies, author of “Greening Our Built World: Costs, Benefits, and Strategies” and Roger Platt, SVP, Global Policy & Law at the US Green Building Council.

The DOE awards are going to innovators in five categories:  Advanced Building Control Strategies (including Communications and IT); Analysis, Design, and Technical Tools; Building Envelope and Windows; Residential and Commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC); and Water Heating, Residential, and Commercial Appliances and Miscellaneous Electric Loads.

According to the Cleantech Group’s Quarterly Investment Monitor, energy efficiency is one of the fastest growing investment categories.  It already ranks third in terms of venture outlays and is poised to overtake solar as …