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A Sneak Peek into the Eco City

Team i3

As you have probably heard by now, the 2012 edition of the Cleantech Forum San Francisco will be a very special one. The Eco City is one of the features that will make this 10th Anniversary event unique. Built upon the success of last year’s all-electric car show, the Eco City is designed as a public showcase of the latest clean technologies available on the market. Fifteen hand-picked companies representing the automotive, solar, wind, building materials, energy efficiency and smart grid industries will run the show, displaying their coolest products and illustrating this year’s theme: “The Power of Global Partnerships”. The Eco City will take place on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th of March on Justin Herman plaza, in front of San Francisco’s famous Ferry Building and just outside the Hyatt Regency. As a special treat for cleantech aficionados, the event is open and free to the approximately 20,000 pedestrians that walk through the plaza each day.

So what can you actually do at the Eco City? For starters, test-drive Ford’s brand-new electric car. Come over and have a look at SunPower’s latest solar technologies. Sit and enjoy the sun on our green pop-up park. Get to know more about home energy management. Try out the West Coast’s coolest electric bikes. Discover innovative materials that will revolutionize the way you think about buildings. Find out about all that Zipcar has to offer you. Get acquainted with extraordinary wind turbines. And realize how all these designs can be achieved with smart software from Autodesk.

As you can imagine, I am leaving out many mind-blowing technologies and surprises for you to discover. Whether you plan on attending the forum or not, put the Eco City on your agenda. And if you do plan to join us at the forum, see a special discount in the post below.

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