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Storage: Week in Review

Alon Gavrielov

There has been some exciting activity over the past two weeks in energy storage.  Dow Chemical announced that they are forming a joint venture with Ube Industries called Advanced Electrolyte Technologies which will produce formulated electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries.  In addition, Xtreme Power, a developer of grid-storage solutions raised $16 million in additional venture funding.  Please see the below for more information and additional news.

M&A/ Partnerships/Investments:

Arista Power, a developer and manufacturer of renewable energy power storage and management systems, has entered into a strategic partnership with Helios Solar Works, a manufacturer of solar modules. Under the agreement, Helios will manufacture and supply solar panels to Arista Power for use in its products and for resale. In addition, Helios will refer to Arista Power solar opportunities that include an energy storage component, and Arista Power will be a distributor of Helios’s products to the U.S. military.

Dow Chemical Co. is forming a joint venture with Tokyo-based Ube Industries Ltd. to make formulated electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries.  The 50-50 JV, named Advanced Electrolyte Technologies LLC, plans to set up its first manufacturing facility at Dow’s Midland headquarters, with startup scheduled in 2012.

SOLON Corporation announced that it will design and build an energy storage research and testing site in partnership with Tucson Electric Power and the Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy (AzRISE) at the University of Arizona.  The research site will be attached to a 1.6 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant built by SOLON, owned by TEP and located at the University of Arizona’s Science and Technology Park.

Xtreme Power, a developer of grid-scale energy storage systems raised $16 million in venture investment.


Gemasolar has completed the construction of a solar thermal power plant that uses thermal energy storage technology made out of molten salt.  The molten salt storage is claimed to store energy for up to 15 hours.

ZBB will provide a 500kWh Zinc-bromide flow batter energy storage system for use in a micro-grid application at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  This is part of a collaboration between IIT, Exelon and other partners.

NEC is going to sell a lithium-ion based household energy storage system.  This system automatically carries out electric power control by connecting to a home’s distribution panel and enabling interactive coordination with a power company’s power supply system and a household’s electric devices, solar power systems and other equipment.

Nissan is investigating utilizing recycled Leaf battery packs for energy storage purposes once vehicles have reached end of life.

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