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Water: Week in Review


After all the activity this week, we can expect to see new desalination plants pop up in exciting places all over the world, including Qatar, Singapore, South Australia, Djibouti, and Saudi Arabia.  To find out what else is going on in water around the world, continue reading below:

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Water: Week in Review

Mia Javier

Our research team regularly tracks key water sector news.  Below is this week’s highlights. Do you think we missed anything? Let us know!


  • Talquin Electric Cooperative Implements Sensus AMI and Smart Metering Technologies for Electric and Water Service Talquin Electric Cooperative, Florida’s 5th largest distribution electrical cooperative, is implementing Sensus technologies for its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart metering program that will serve all 54,000 residential, commercial and industrial members in its 2,600 square mile territory.
  • GE Supplying Water Recycling Technology to First US Power Plant to Be Built With Stricter Federal, State Emissions Limits GE today announced its zero liquid discharge (ZLD) wastewater recycling technology will be installed at the Russell City Energy Center (RCEC), a new 600-megawatt (MW) natural gas and steam combined-cycle power plant being built in Alameda County, Calif. “GE’s ZLD system is an example of how technology can play a vital role in helping utilities and governments reduce the impacts of energy production on the world’s vital fresh water supplies,” said Heiner Markhoff, president and CEO—water and process technologies for GE Power & Water.

  • GE Technology Purifies Water at One of World’s Largest Coal Power Plants. South Africa’s leading power provider,

Smart Water: where tech geek and statistician dive in

Mia Javier

Water systems typically espouse thoughts of boring, archaic, underground concrete and steel structures that mean little so long as clean water pours out the tap. Indeed, most tax payers find the thought of water infrastructure investments puzzling when water prices are relatively low and proof of bad pipes are invisible (at least above ground).

But getting smart about water has suddenly become interesting.

As a global community, we know relatively little about a resource we rely so heavily upon. Governments are increasingly aware of their global water risk exposure and have engaged in various studies to get a grip on their water data. Just this week:

The above illustrates how our water scarce world is in critical need of the deliberate collection and analysis of water. While the collection of some data sets will require significant investment (think data on everything from ocean temperature to …

Water analytics – yet another intersection of cleantech & IT

Mia Javier

Energy efficiency is ultimately tied to understanding the absurdly played-down importance of water. Read on to see why water analytics matters (or should matter) to commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural users of water.